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In my life, there are many experiences, such as the stars in my heart. These experiences include a joyful experience, a sad experience, a successful experience, a failed experience. It makes us grow, we grow up. Let me show you one of my success today!

The school each semester will be held in the spring outing, we cook their own food in the wild, exercise our ability, let us know can not rely on their parents.

Our class is pided into seven groups, our group is very cohesive, pot, bowl, seasoning, everything is brought together.

On Friday morning, we set out from school. Spring is the time along the way, birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers, everyone singing and laughing. We went to the end point imperceptibly, Ben Park station.

After a road walk, everyone was exhausted, have come up with their own prepared food and tableware, set up local stove, ready to fire. At the beginning of the fire, we have no experience, get smoky, half cooked rice did not. At this time, the teacher to guide us: "you burn the leaves are too wet, so only smoke without fire." We rushed out to pick up the branches of the students, the fire and then up again, we put the noodles into the pot, boiled up.

"Oh, I have a meal." Look at the pot called the students. I do not know who shouted: "strange voice or an affected manner then the fire is screwed down?" I retorted: "this is not a gas stove, how screwed?" "ha ha ha" laughter filled the whole team.

Ben park is filled with food aroma, full of laughter of the students.

"Dinner", we are holding a bowl, go to the next to the stove, ate the noodles, although paste, but is the best in the world to eat but also delicious delicacy. Because these noodles include our hard sweat and wisdom. We put the noodles taste to the teacher, the teacher said we do delicious noodles, our heart.

After the success of the picnic, I understand the "do it yourself, have ample food and clothing", only rely on their own efforts, can harvest the fruits of victory. I have to learn to do their own work, to get rid of anything on their parents' bad habits.












An extremely bright pearl, must be subjected to mussel flesh countless movements and polished countless waves to glorious and resplendent. Similarly, a truly successful person, certainly in the numerous times after the fall of the stand up again, "how can we see the rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? No one can casually succeed." And I had an experience like this.

At that time, when I was in the fourth grade, the library held to celebrate the "61" children's theatrical performances and we hosted acting class program is a play, the teacher put me into the lead, I was stupid, because I have never played drama, did not show the small animal, heart an unsettled state of mind.. But see Geng teacher threw me a vision of trust, and take the initiative to help me analyze the script, I finally found a little bit of confidence. Then figure out on your own. I was playing a majestic-looking big tiger, because of its supercilious and self-conceited, big bully, not brains, and finally he was clever little animal to uniform. Back home, I looked at the Internet on the tiger's knowledge, as well as the tiger's demeanor, walking posture, habits, etc.. I am a little bit of imitation, legs crawl all the pain, the voice of the dumb, tired of the time to give their own fuel, tell yourself to work hard. The first rehearsal, I put the Internet yesterday, find something are used, but climbing like a sick cat, do not feel a thing, not the tiger down show. After practice and effort repeatedly, we show the final rehearsal by, has been recognized by the teacher, the afternoon began to play, but my heart is still an unsettled state of mind., not enough to grasp, the program will start soon, my mood is very excited, heart just put a rabbit like "bang bang jump. When I got on the stage, I took a deep breath and said in my heart, "I can do it well." I put my heart into the story, I interpret the tiger lifelike. The program is approaching the end, with a burst of music sounded, my tense mood suddenly relaxed, I deeply bowed. The audience burst into a burst of warm applause, a lot of people have voted to my eyes. I got off the stage and shouted to the teacher and mother, "I have succeeded!"

For us personally, wrestling is not terrible, terrible is that you lose the confidence and courage of life from the word. Therefore, each of us should stand up, and fate, and the unfortunate struggle, and finally achieved great success!